Organic Nature Blessed EVOO

Bronze_Medal_Athena_iooc_2018_2Nature Blessed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from olive trees located in the virgin forests of Macedonia in northern Greece. Among them, there are evergreen olive trees up to 1500 years old. The olive oil producing tradition has passed down through the generations, and our respect for nature and the environment has brought sustainability, so that we can now enjoy all the benefits of yet another treasure from Greek soil.

The cultivation of these olive trees follows the cycles of nature, the moon, and the weather, without human interference until harvest time. This ensures the purity of the fruit as well as the organic process. We take the virgin fruit of the olive tree that nature generously gives us and convert it into olive oil … an olive oil of high quality and nutritional value with great health benefits. A gift from nature, offered by Nature Blessed.


100% Throuba Olives, Thassos