Nature Blessed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Born in the foot of Mount Olympus, ‘Nature Blessed’ are two words that summarize a local effort to captivate and bottle the essence of the Mediterranean olive oil.

Back in 2012, the love of our mother for her olive trees and the land she grew up in, resulted in the extraction of a low acidity extra virgin oil.

Once produced, our extra virgin olive oil is filtered to remove any remaining fruit particles from the clear olive oil. The oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. The art of making a good olive oil is far from over. Like a fine wine connoisseur, our master blender evaluates the different batches produced during harvest and artfully creates and defines the final batches of oil that will be used for our different labels. At last, our precious olive oil is ready to be bottled into special, fine glass bottles or tin cans, labeled, boxed, palletized and shipped around the world.

Nature Blessed Extra Virgin Olive oil, is certified with health claim, from National and Kapodistrian Univeristy of Athens, according to which the oil belongs to the class of oils that protect against the oxidation of blood lipids according to Regulation 432/2012 of the European Union.

Acidity ≥ 0.2%

Suits best with…

Nature Blessed, is a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which can be used in every dish giving a unique gastronomic delight. It is an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine and culture. It can be used raw in salads, cooked dishes, and gourmet dishes.

Olive variety

70% Halkidikis, 10% Amfissis, 10% Petroelia, 10% Koroneiki

International Awards

1) Gold Medal for the quality, Athena IOOC, 2016

2) Silver Standard of Excellence for the polyphenols, Olympia IOOC Awards 2016

3) Silver Award for the quality, London IOOC 2017

4) Silver Award for the quality, Athena IOOC 2017

5) Silver Standard of Excellence for the polyphenols, Olympia IOOC Awards 2017

6) 1 Star, for the quality, International competition Great Taste London 2018

Nature Blessed 2016 Silver Olympia-award

nature blessed 2016 Athena iooc GOLDSILVER THE OLYMPIA AWARD 2017Nature Blessed 2017 Silver Athena IOOCNature Blessed LONDON-2017-Quality-Silver