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Nature Blessed is a family business in Thessaloniki that standardizes, trades and exports olive oil. We aim for consistently high quality products. Our love for olive oil and our deep knowledge of olive oil production techniques, along with our cooperation with exceptional olive farmers who share our values, enable us to offer you the valuable nectar we produce from the fruits of the fertile Greek soil!


The unique and distinct flavor of our olive oil with its fruity and spicy taste is a result not only of one, but many different olive varieties. We opt for producers from Macedonia, Northern Greece, who cultivate various olive varieties in their groves (Chalkidikis, Amfississ, Koroneiki). During harvest the fruit are mixed together and are sent for oleification, through which they offer us a particularly flavored olive oil which differs from all the rest. A natural blend.


Our products offer you a unique tasting experience. We offer you only the best, always with respect for human beings and the environment.


Our zealous devotion to high-quality olive oil is a lifetime commitment. We are motivated by our mission to spread the word about good health and disease prevention through the consumption of our blessed treasure: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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Divine Mount Olympus

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DIVINE Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

On the northern outskirts of Olympus and at an altitude of 285 meters our olive trees blossom, in the pristine soil of Imera, to give us the fruit that only Gods used to taste.

Divine Mount Olympus is an Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Oil with a limited, numbered production. It is distinct for its strong, fruity aroma, its fine, spicy flavor with a light green olive oil tone, as picking is done only when olives are covered in their best color, the golden green.




Bei Nature Blessed bieten wir Ihnen Dienstleistungen zur Standardisierung von Olivenöl in unsere privaten Einrichtungen an.

Unsere Firma ist mit dem ISO 22000:2005 bescheinigt und bietet Ihnen Garantie höchster Qualität und Ergebnisses. Während des Produktionsprozesses werden strenge Qualitätssicherungsvorschriften und ein hohes Verantwortungsbewusstsein für den Kunden eingehalten.

Unsere Erfahrung und Spezialisierung in Produktions- und Standardisierungstechniken, sowie die Kunden, die uns ihre Produkte anvertrauen, sind die Garantie dafür, dass wir Ihnen eine hervorragende Zusammenarbeit mit dem bestmöglichen Ergebnis bieten.

Außerdem ist unser Unternehmen zertifiziert und kann auch Bio-Olivenöl standardisieren.

Our services include olive oil bottling for third parties as well as private labeling (PL), and we addressed in companies such as:
  • Hotels
  • Touristengeschäfte
  • Restaurants und Lebensmitteleinheiten
  • Olivenölproduzent
  • Olivenölgenossenschaften
  • Gourmet & delicatessen products stores

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