Greek Olive Oil Companies Respond to New Restaurant Law

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This year, a Greek law requires restaurants to replace the refillable olive oil containers on their tables with sealed, non-refillable or disposable, properly labeled bottles. Offering various bottles to restaurants, Greek olive oil companies are ready to showcase the high quality and health benefits of appropriately packaged Greek extra virgin olive oil.

As Alexandros Bikas wrote in, more than 600 officially certified olive oil standardization companies are in “full readiness” for this measure. Panayiotis Karantonis, Deputy Director of the Association of Greek Industries and Packers of Olive Oil (SEVITEL), told Greek Liquid Gold that many olive oil companies are producing special packaging for restaurants, mostly in 50, 60, and 100 ml bottles, each meant for just one table (with leftovers purchased for home use by customers or used for cooking in the restaurant kitchen).

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